Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome to the William Park Family History Blog

Welcome to my new geneablog!

I started doing genealogy when I was assigned a family history project in high school in 2001. I have since married and had 3 beautiful children. Genealogy is even more important to me now that I have a family of my own, but as I'm sure you all understand sometimes life forces your genealogy onto the back burner. Well, with the release of the much anticipated 1940 Federal Census, I decided it was time to crank things up again. 

Recently I developed an intense passion for one ancestor in particular, my "PawPaw's" great-grandfather, William Park. He is my most recent immigrant ancestor, having immigrated in 1852 from Ireland. I discovered this fact by using the 1910 census and ancestry.com's passenger list records confirmed by background research on the family as a whole... But that's it's own post. :)

William is a genealogists dream, because studying his life has taken and will take me through nearly every record type. Also, being from a big city like Philadelphia there are an incredible number of records available.

I am excited to embark with you on this journey to
              knowing William.

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  1. Hi Jessica, I have a similar Irish ancestor that came to NY sometime before 1860. I would like to connect our blogs, let me know if you are open to that. Maybe trade links, or trade guest blogs posts. Whatsever you would like. thanks. I am not sure how you will contact me if I do not leave my info here - Genealogist at brooklyn ancestry .com