Thursday, January 10, 2013


William and I are FAMOUS!!!

My family and I went out of town for Christmas, and it was my job to make the 6 hour drive home. Music isn't enough to keep me awake when I'm driving at night, so armed with snacks and drinks I fired up my trusty iPhone to listen to all the great podcasts I had missed. I had been out of the genealogical loop for about eight months, so imagine my surprise when THE Lisa Louise Cooke (of Genealogy Gems Podcast, Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast, and Family Tree Magazine Podcast... not to mention sought-after speaker and author of many genealogy books and videos) started reading from the "mailbag" and began reading MY LETTER!!!

I had written her an e-mail months ago about a website she had done a story on called and she responded a few weeks later by e-mail. I was not in a million years expecting her to use my letter on her show. She has been podcasting since 2007 and is listened to in 75 different countries by thousands of genealogy fans.
She even mentioned THIS BLOG on the air!
Can you tell I'm excited?????

Anyway, here is the link if you'd like to listen to that show or read the show notes... which say MY NAME!!!

**Warning... Warning... Super genealogy nerd alert in your area... Be advised**

OK, I think I've embarrassed myself with my nerdy-ness enough for one day. I'd like to think William is proud of me though. = )

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